National Physician Health Program Blueprint Study

National Physician Health Program Blueprint Study Publications List The following publications stem from the original national Blueprint Study of the Physician Health Programs. New publications using the Blueprint data are now underway examining the outcomes of physicians in specific medical specialties. The Blueprint Study data is available for future publications

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Article proves our point.

This is a journal article from JAMA 2013 concerning chronic care management of AOD dependence done by Dr. Richard Saitz out of Boston University. It is important to ICOTP because of what they DID NOT do in their study. This study attempted to treat AOD as a chronic disease with

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What Can Be Done?

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, long term treatment of a minimum of 90 days is what is most effective. The numbers don’t lie. Long term treatment works. So why don’t insurance companies want to pay for it? We don’t know. In the long run it would save

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The Children’s Family Trust

We have developed a plan we believe will lead to long-term success. Intervention – A trained interventionist will meet with the addict’s family to discuss their concerns. The interventionist then helps the addict get into treatment.   Patients are not motivated without hitting ROCK BOTTOM and this is what the intervention

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