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By October 28, 2015
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A group of us went to Virginia to speak to the Payers. We hear an indictment is about to happen and we want to show the country we are behind it and want to help. Not everyone is doing things the wrong way and we are going to be the ones asking the Payers to work with us as we work with them during this process. They were very receptive to our cause. Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers is who we are, our website is, this is the full-page ad we will be running in the newspapers all over the country. If you wish to participate please email me your logo, name and title so we can add to the bottom of the ad, If 40 of us pitch in 5k we can make this happen. If more pitch in we can drop the cost. This account is here to make sure we all have transparency. All that participate will have a complete accounting of all the bills paid out. This is a way for us all to join forces and make the difference we need to that we cannot make alone. We look forward to working together!

In addition to visiting Virginia to speak to the Payers, some of us also went to washing DC to meet with Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness.
1325 G Street, NW
Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005
Tel. (202) 449-7660

Seeing how we can work together to save lives with payers.

We also went over to meet the team of Mr. Peter Gaumond Chief, Recovery Branch Office of National Drug Control Policy Executive Office of the President.
(202) 395-6166

We want to educate the public at grassroots on how to see warning signs and if loved one is abusing or addicted to drugs and what to do to help save them.



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