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Recovery Advocate Program (R.A.P.) The Recovery Advocate Program is modeled after the programs that show success in helping those suffering from addiction establish and maintain long term recovery.  For at least a year – and up to 5 years – the Recovery Advocate works with the client, the client’s family,

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The addiction treatment industry is failing. The current system faces challenges in providing care that successfully supports long term recovery for individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues. According to UCLA addiction expert Adi Jaffe, just twenty five percent of people who seek treatment are still sober one year

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HIMS for Pilots

An industry wide effort to help maintain the safety of airline transportation, the Human Intervention Motivational study is a occupational substance abuse treatment program specific to commercial pilots the coordinates the identification, treatment and return to work process for affected aviators.* The program has several components and lasts a minimum

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Physician Health Programs

Most states utilize a program for impaired professionals, including doctors. When a doctor is identified as impaired, a similar process for treatment and care is put in to place to help support a safe and sober return to work. Public safety is an utmost concern. The program is administered at

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The TV show “Intervention” premiered in 2006.  The show highlights the intervention process and provides intervention services and treatment for individuals and their families who participate in the show.  It is not unusual for the show to receive over 10,000 submissions each year to appear on the show be families

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What Can Be Done?

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, long term treatment of a minimum of 90 days is what is most effective. The numbers don’t lie. Long term treatment works. So why don’t insurance companies want to pay for it? We don’t know. In the long run it would save

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The Children’s Family Trust

We have developed a plan we believe will lead to long-term success. Intervention – A trained interventionist will meet with the addict’s family to discuss their concerns. The interventionist then helps the addict get into treatment.   Patients are not motivated without hitting ROCK BOTTOM and this is what the intervention

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