A Complex Solution for a Complex Disease

Terrance R Reeves, MD When I practiced as a Vascular Surgeon, I treated an extremely complex disease. More often than not by the time I saw a patient with a vascular problem, the disease was fairly advanced. Earlier intervention could have prevented the problem from getting so bad, but people

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ICOTP went to DC!

March 15, 2016 Some of our members at ICOTP went to DC this past week.  The cherry blossoms were blooming in some areas…  We wanted to thank Ms. Pamela Greenberg President & CEO, Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness for her time http://abhw.org/.  We had a great meeting and really enjoyed

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Einstein Says We Are Insane

“…Could Restore Us To Sanity.” Einstein Says We Are Insane Attributed to Einstein is the oft used quote defining insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  Step 2 of AA states that it is possible to be restored to sanity.  If it is

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National Physician Health Program Blueprint Study

National Physician Health Program Blueprint Study Publications List The following publications stem from the original national Blueprint Study of the Physician Health Programs. New publications using the Blueprint data are now underway examining the outcomes of physicians in specific medical specialties. The Blueprint Study data is available for future publications

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Article proves our point.

This is a journal article from JAMA 2013 concerning chronic care management of AOD dependence done by Dr. Richard Saitz out of Boston University. It is important to ICOTP because of what they DID NOT do in their study. This study attempted to treat AOD as a chronic disease with

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