Independent Collation of Treatment Provider Standards

Facts about ICOTP Standards

Compliance with the ICOTP standards will be reviewed by one of the Big Four Accounting Firms that is assisting ICOTP with Internal Audit and Compliance testing services. Below you will see the items they will be looking into during their quality assessment. ICOTP will be taking over where The Joint Commission left off in the audit process. The purpose for the ICOTP quality assessment is to look for business structure and business ethics.

Standards development process

The standards were developed with many providers coming together and brainstorming on what the unethical providers are doing. This is including patient brokering, over billing insurances. drug testing protocols, marketing practices and much more. If you have things you see that are missing in these standards please contact us so we can add to the quality assessment. Our goal in this is to show the public and the payers they have many ethical providers in our industry and we are not only willing to tell you that, we are willing to have a third-party from one of the Big Four Accounting Firms come out and perform reviews and let this process tell you we are part of the ethical providers.

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