ICOTP went to DC!

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March 15, 2016 Some of our members at ICOTP went to DC this past week.  The cherry blossoms were blooming in some areas…  We wanted to thank Ms. Pamela Greenberg President & CEO, Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness for her time http://abhw.org/.  We had a great meeting and really enjoyed meeting you and loved the information you gave us.  We are looking forward to staying in touch and doing all we can for you and your clients.  Poor Bill McCormick flew all the way in for the meeting and had the time for 11:30am and the meeting was at 3:30pm so missed the meeting after taking the two days off from work. What a commitment this man has, Sorry Bill.

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We want to educate the public at grassroots on how to see warning signs and if loved one is abusing or addicted to drugs and what to do to help save them.  We can do this in your local police departments and hospitals..  All the opportunities are happening there to save lives, lets give them the tools to guide them to a case manager for options.

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March 16,2016 The following day every left Vanessa and I to meet with Mr. Peter Greenberg, Sarah Wattenberg and June from Offices of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President. http://www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp.   The were very helpful with letting us see the future for treatment around additions in the coming years.  We are looking forward to helping anyway we can in your mission in saving lives.

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