John Southworth



In Memory of ICOTP founding member,

John Southworth.

John Southworth was the one who hosted our first meeting and many years following in his Hotel suite.  At The Breakers ICOTP was created after John’s panel about aftercare being the missing link for long term recovery.  In his suite we discussed long term Case management, ethics and how to raise above providers cutting corners and giving us all a bad name.

We flew into Chicago to meet with The Joint Commision February 3, 2015 on a snowy day.  We went to talk about adding Case managment and interventions to be part of The Joint Commision options in behavioral health.

Then March 17, 2016 we flew to Washington DC with Tracy  Collander who was the Executive director at The Joint Commision. She introduced us to the payors to have them pay for intervention and Case management and they did:

John was a leader in our industry connecting all the ethical leaders together to have us work together on raising to the top.  

2016 we out grew Johns suite at the breakers but John helped put together a group of people once again:

John wanted to make sure providers do not over bill for drug testing.  He has been testing high licensed professionals for close to 30 years and the cost was $60-$90 bucks a test.  He would always ask why are providers Billing more times than needed and for fees of $600-$1500?  

John was a leader at connecting leaders together.  He wanted all of us to work together on doing the right thing.

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