By July 29, 2019CHARITY

The addiction treatment industry is failing. The current system faces challenges in providing care that successfully supports long term recovery for individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues. According to UCLA addiction expert Adi Jaffe, just twenty five percent of people who seek treatment are still sober one year after completing a 30-day program. That means 75% of those receiving treatment are back to using within a year of completing treatment.* For a fatal disease, this is unacceptable.

There is a solution.

Seeking to increase standards, In January 2015 we met with leadership at The Joint Commission to establish standard practices for supporting long term recovery.  By March 2016 this was completed, as we established a Joint Commission accreditation for intervention and case management (long term recovery support) services.  Next we went to Washington DC to meet with major payer representatives of insurance companies to help establish ethical business practices and goals for our industry. In our discussions, we talked about addiction treatment programs proven to provide sustained recovery approaching 80% over five years. These programs, which require case management type services, have been in existence for over thirty years. These programs clearly demonstrate the critical components to laying a foundation for a long-term, meaningful recovery.

In July of 2016, we began discussions with one of the Big Four Accounting Firms assessments ethical assessments for our industry. On behalf of ICOTP and it’s members, one of the Big Four Accounting Firms will conduct a quality assessment to review whether applicants’ operations achieve the ICOTP standards. This is an effort to establish ethical standards for the industry and assure the reputation of treatment providers willing to be audited.  We are committed to working with the payer community to provide quality care, transparent business practices, and measurable outcomes. We are committed to following our patients over a five-year period. To read of other programs and studies with long term recovery as a standard practice, please check out the program highlights below.


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