A Compilation to Shine the Light on The Crisis

We have just launched a campaign to bring together the most loved and respected artists of all time to launch what we all know as “We Are The World” for Addiction.  We will soon announce and give thanks to our members who have committed resources to see this project through and the artists who have chosen to volunteer their time and talent because we all need to take a stand against the 200 people dying every single day to drug overdose and over 50 a day to suicide.


Our mission is to significantly decrease the negative impact of addiction and mental illness on the world through increased awareness, advocacy, outreach, improved treatment and education Finish production of song with more artists and celebrities involved. Film production of song and stories to create a shared experience with mental health and addiction to be aired on a streaming network Live television event to have concert dedicated to all the lives lost and impacted by mental illness, suicide, and addiction with songs stories and honored guests (September 2020 recovery month). Use the platform to create effective change by partnering with nonprofits who are doing the work. We will dedicate funds raised to several nonprofits that are committed to the cause. This is a request for your support either financially or with your skill. Together we can create effective change


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