Physician Health Programs

By February 23, 2019CHARITY

Most states utilize a program for impaired professionals, including doctors. When a doctor is identified as impaired, a similar process for treatment and care is put in to place to help support a safe and sober return to work. Public safety is an utmost concern. The program is administered at a state level and unlike the HIMS program; there may be variations from state to state. In California, the program was initially three years in length but was increased to five years.

A study of 16 different Physician Health Care Programs was conducted by Dr. Greg Skipper. He found that of the roughly 900 participants who choose the program, 79% were still abstinent and in recovery after 5 years. *


Intervention – (ROCK BOTTOM / Motivation)

Evaluation / Treatment Planning


Inpatient Treatment (Typically 90 day minimum)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Sober Living/Transitional Living (optional)

Continuous Random Drug Testing

Continuous Peer Group Support – 12 Steps

Case Manager – Recovery Advocate

*Dr. G.E. Skipper and R.L. DuPont. The Physicians Health Program

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