Benjamin Seymour

By May 16, 2018

Benjamin Seymour is a nationally recognized interventionist, counselor, author and public speaker. He has served as the founder and CEO of several successful treatment centers in the U.S., and is well versed in the neuro-science of addiction, recovery statistics and the treatment industry. Prior to his passing in 2017, John Southworth asked Ben to carry on his legacy and serve as his successor. Ben is now the Director of Southworth Associates and the Program Coordinator for the Physicians Recovery Network, Program for Recovering Nurses, Pharmacists and Lawyers within the State of Idaho. Ben is also the founder of Seymour Consulting, a firm dedicated to assisting providers at improving their services and companies as a whole.

Ben cites his previous personal struggles with heroin, alcohol and other drugs as the motivation behind his work. Having survived hospitalizations, multiple treatment episodes and homeless shelters, he can connect with addicts on a deeper, personal level. Benjamin has been clean and sober since 1998, when he entered a treatment program at the age of 19. He has dedicated his life and work to helping others find hope.

When asked about his view on the ICOTP Ben stated: “Substance Use Disorders are a legitimate, and imperative part of the medical field. In order for us to fully achieve the benefits of that, we need be demonstrate our value. As my predecessor, John Southworth used to say, “We need a Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval for our industry”. The ICOTP is just that. It identifies providers who are willing to be transparent and adhere to best practices via third-party audits and corrective action plans. ICOTP has managed to bring providers, payors, accreditation bodies, legislators, insurance regulators and a worldwide accounting firm to the table, to establish recognition for these providers.”