Christopher Roames

By May 16, 2018

Christopher Roames is President and CEO of FSSolutions, formerly FirstLab, a full-service technology services compliance management solutions company founded in 1989.

Mr. Roames oversees all aspects of FSSolutions' company operations including strategy and innovation. A 15-year healthcare industry veteran, Mr. Roames joined FSSolutions in April of 2011 as Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer and has been responsible for many phases of the modernization of FSSolutions' business.  Mr. Roames helped lead the successful launch of Occupational Health and Background Screening, new business segments that truly makes FSSolutions a one-stop shop for all employer services. Prior to joining FSSolutions, Mr. Roames has held positions with CIGNA Healthcare as Vice President, Alternative Sales where he pioneered and led implementation of Alternative Distribution channels, and executive management positions with Assurant Health.

Mr. Roames is a graduate of Victory Bible College and has spent many years leading relief mission work to over a dozen impoverished countries before turning his attention to US Healthcare.

"I'm very happy to support an organization like ICOTP. As a veteran of this industry and with the continued trend of substance use disorder, it's become more important than ever that we focus on the ethics of drug testing. Independent oversight and third party auditing, like the partnership work being done with PWC, will help us monitor this industry and provide affordable drug testing solutions for those in need."