Michael Hornstein

By May 16, 2018

Michael Hornstein is the Executive Director of Little Hill Foundation which operates Alina Lodge: an in-residence long term treatment program, Haley House – a women’s transitional living home and North Warren Counseling Center – an outpatient care facility. Michael has a long affiliation with Alina Lodge going back to 1981 and has been the Executive Director since 2008. Alina Lodge has one primary niche in the treatment industry – long term recovery for the chronic relapser from alcoholism and drug addiction. The program has a 12-step philosophy and is abstinence based. It takes at least six months for progress to be made. This is our target audience.

Michael has presented to Parliament in the United Kingdom and UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders. He has also spoken at the Cape Cod Symposium. All of his lectures address long term treatment being successful with addictive personalities and are focused on the effects addiction has on the Limbic System.

During the last ten years at Alina Lodge, Michael has expanded the program to include: trauma therapy, eating disorder treatment, grief counseling, anger management groups, sex and relationship groups and adding a renowned psychiatrist in addiction therapy to the medical department. During Michael’s tenure, the treatment of the whole person has been the utmost priority – physically, spiritually and psychologically. The well-established Family Program, which is one of the earliest developed in the treatment industry, focuses on healing relationships and life after treatment.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, a Master’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. He was one of the first certified addiction professionals in the state of Florida.